How To Avoid Back Pain When You Are Working From Home

How To Avoid Back Pain When You Are Working From Home

In recent years, especially after the pandemic, the number of people working from home has increased.

There are many perks to working from home. You deal with less commuter stress, you can create a custom environment, and best of all, you can go to the office in your pajamas. Nonetheless, working from home does come with a few disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages reported is increased cases of back and neck pain.

While most people have tried to adapt their home working spaces to make them as comfortable as possible, several still do not beat the measures applied in work offices. Thus, it is no surprise that several individuals working from home are experiencing back and neck pain.

In this article, we look at a few tips and tricks you can apply to help you avoid back pain as you work from home.

Have A Separate Work Station

If you work from home often, invest in a separate working station. While one of the beauties of working from home is that you can work from anywhere, constantly working from your bed or sofa will not bode well for your back.

Get a study chair you can sit back on that will adequately support you, enabling you to sit comfortably and upright.

You also need to ensure that your computer or laptop is placed at a comfortable level enabling you to look at it with a straight neck. Place these devices too high or too low increases your chances of experiencing neck pain, which could result in pain in your back.

Perfect you Posture

Maintaining good posture is an essential aspect of preventing back pain. Whether you are working from your kitchen counter, on the sofa, or from a table, you need to sit or stand up straight and avoid slouching.

If you are sitting down, your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees bent at about a 90-degree angle. If your feet are dangling as you sit, rest them on anything sturdy, be it books or a footrest.

Do not forget to support your lower back when sitting for long hours. Try a small lumbar pillow or even a rolled-up towel or sweatshirt to support your lower back.

Incorporate Frequent Breaks

Sitting down for long hours without changing positions will leave you feeling stiff at the end of the day. It won’t matter how great your posture is, your body does take well to sitting or standing in one position for too long.

Incorporate short movements and stretches throughout your work day that will not only be good for your back but it will also allow you to rest your eyes. Thus, at least once every hour, you should step away from your workstation and maybe take a walk in your home or stretch to give yourself some downtime.

Back pain is not something you can easily write off and can often be a hindrance to your daily life. Thus, as more of us choose to work from the comfort of our homes, we need to take the necessary measures to ensure our comfort and safety. Incorporating these tips into your home office will help ensure your back does not have to suffer.